This cute Sancta Claus we got our friend

Our first contact with Aad van de Wetering was thanks to an pentomino christmas tree
We also made some trees

 In Italy, they found our Christmas tree probably fun because we found him in geogebra made on the net.

From Jin Honda from Japan we got a tree with you can fill with 2 pentominosets.

From Alex Ravsky we got a mail that give us the idea to make this Christmas page.
" I am sending to you the scanned tree which I built using the pentomino set which you have sent to me a long time ago. :)"

Our pentomino Santas had success by Kadon enterprises

 And then there are our annual cards
The most beautiful Advent wreath we ever made


This crib was made at school

On the occasion of our
Pentomino Postcard competition we made this card

Some other cards

Would you like puzzling with pygram around Christmas then you can find a lot on
Bob Harris has pentosudoku associated with Christmas on
His Christmas puzzle of this year has nothing to do with pentomino's but he is funny