Dissection of one pentomino to a square

Since the surface of one pentomino is 5, we must make a square with area 5.
We can get 5 as the sum of the squares of 1 and 2. So if we have a right triangle with sides 1 and 2 then the hypotenuse is the side of a square with area 5.
OThe drawing below is from our syllabus of NWD 2002










Aad van de Wetering mailed us in August 2000 :"Hoewel ik de oplossing in 5 stukjes veel en veel mooier vind, is er een lelijke oplossing met slechts 4 stukjes mogelijk. De oplossing in vijf kun je voor alle pentomino's (behalve X) gebruiken en 't is zo mooi symmetrisch"

On the site of Giovanni Resta are dissections from pentominoes to tetrominoes.
There is a dissection of Livio Zucca of the X-pento to a square in four pieces.

From Helmut Postl (Wenen) we got a beautiful dissection of the X-pento also in four pieces

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We have made a geogebra animation of a  Y-pentomino-dissection.
In Battambang (Cambodia)  the monks can made of the P-pentomino  a square.
Roel Huisman made us 3 animations

You can find it also on http://www.fi.uu.nl/nwd by handouts 2004

The best example is cutting a  square cake to a X-pentomino, a problem of Peter Hendriks.