Thanks to Livio Zucca (Italy) for the idea of this challenge.

Use a full set of pentominoes (see picture)

to make a fence, in such a way that the area is maximized.
The pentominoes have to be in one plane, and touch by a full sidelength of a unitsquare (point or corner connection isnít enough).
Look at the example below to have a better understanding of the challenge.

The figure formed by the outside perimeter of the fence must have rotational symmetry, in other words, rotating the fence around the centre of symmetry by 180 degrees projects the shape on itself.

Do you have our excel file to draw the fence? You can download it here.

'FlatPoly2', a programm by Aad van de Wetering, can be of great assistance when trying to find a solution. It can be downloaded at his site .

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