Classification Challenge

The Set of Pentominoes:

Create four yes/no questions which uniquely classify each pentomino.

Examples of such questions are:

  • Does it have line symmetry? More explanation: click here
  • Is it the net of an open box?
  • Double the size of the pentomino by using 4 different pentominoes. Are there more than 2 different solutions? More explanation: click here.
  • Can this pentomino together with another pentomino make the decamino 1
    More explanation: click here.
          decamino 1

The idea is to create a set of questions where no pentomino has the same answers as another.



Line Symmetry Open box More than 2 solutions Make the decamino together with another
F no yes no yes
I yes no no no
L no yes yes no
N no yes yes yes
P no no yes yes
T yes yes no no
U yes no yes yes
V yes no no yes
W yes yes yes no
X yes yes no yes
Y no yes no no
Z no yes yes no

So these four questions do not work. The set of answers for Z are the same as we had for L
Can you think of four questions which will work?

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