Shaping the largest pento-bridge

Contribution of each pentomino to shaping the rectangular outer border of the bridge.

We can see that the best choice leads to 6+6+5+4+3=24 units.
With this our enclosed rectangle should have a maximal area.

x + 2h = 24 => h = (24 - x) : 2
Area rectangle = f(x) = x.h
f(x)=x(12 -0,5x)

Find out where this function has its maximum.
You can use your TI84 Plus for this (if you donít have one, you can win one).
Take e.g. as window-settings:
 Xmin=-30; Xmax=30;Xscl=5; Ymin=-100;Ymax=100; Yscl=10

You will find for the value of x at the top
So we think that a maximal area will be reached if
x=12 en h=6.
We make also an exelfile