41. The island of count Penteviticole

We received the nice story for this competition from Edo Timmermans.

The French count Penteviticole wants to create a lake with an island in the middle.
Around the lake there will be sloping vineyards, shaped like the 12 pentominoes.

In the lake he wants fish-ponds, again shaped like the pentominoes.
Finally, he wants the island to be covered with rose-gardens, also shaped like the pentominoes.
Help count Penteviticole by creating two designs, one in which the perimeter of the island to be as small as possible and another one in which this perimeter is as large as possible is.

Below, you’ll find an example in which the perimeter equals 50.

An excellent help in searching for solutions is the program “FlatPoly2”. You can download it from the homepage of Aad van de Wetering, Driebruggen.