Hi ! This is NOB YOSHIGAHARA from Tokyo, Japan.
I enjoyed your pages. Wonderful !
I like young math-puzzlers. I help Japanese, American, Canadian students.

Nob Yoshigahara has passed away on 19/06/2004.
Why he died? God knows it. It may be his latest puzzle.
Many Thanks and Puzzling Forever

The Math Forum @ Drexel publishes a newsletter once a week and we have chosen your site, Pentomino, to feature in our July 28 issue
Each week you can expect from the newsletter to see suggestions of good sites to visit for mathematics and key issues in math education.

The Busy Educator Award

Congratulations on your wonderful site:
You did a great job on this site. Well done!
I am pleased to award your site the Busy Educator's Award.

If space permits, it may also be included in an upcoming issue of my free Busy Educator's Newsletter, e-mailed monthly to educators worldwide.
Marjan Glavac
editor The Busy Educator's Newsletter

I wish you a continue enjoying in the pentominoes world, surely a world where it is worth to look into to find beautiful mysteries.
Also, I think that it is great to share these things with kids. Congratulations.
Jorge L Mireles, Mexico

I just came across your web site while researching my latest obsession, which is Pentominoes.
I love your site!
Keep up the good work!!
Douglas Holst
Artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We projected their site on our TV and students tried the puzzles.
They have quite a selection of zoo animals.
They also have a puzzle for every letter of the alphabet. What's this letter?
Learn more by visiting their site and try it yourself.

I am happy to put a link to your web site so our children can visit your pentominoes site ... it is very good. Congratulations to your web masters.
Jill Kenny Information Technology teacher, MacGregor State School, Qld Australia

Today I visited your site and found it to be really informative.
I'm highly pleased to see the comprehensive resources being offered by your site.
Its indeed very informative, Kudos to you for the Great Work!
Leonid Mochalov

Thank you for sharing this wonderful site.
The bridge problem is great! I will share it with my students (prospective teachers).
Congratulations to you and your students.
Alfinio Flores

Great site, fascinating competition.
I've put you on:
Hope this brings you lots of traffic - You are the first Belgium entry!
Keep up the good work!
Douglas Butler

I have added a link on our website to yours... I think you have a great mathematical challenge to offer.

I love your website!
I have been fascinated with pentominoes for a long time, and enjoyed your animal and alphabet puzzles.
In fact, we have a new project at KMS- we are going to make those letters using your pentomino designs and place them in our front school windows the letters will be approximately six feet high!
Keep up the great effort and site!

We spoke last fall after I stumbled upon your wonderful pentomino site I mentioned that I wanted to make the school initials out of pentominoes and you asked that I send you pictures if we did well, it did happen last spring, and today I did take some pictures to send to you the students each made an art design of their choice on a 4x4 square we then put these together to form the twelve pentominoes needed for each letter, and then followed your template to put the pentominoes in the appropriate combinations here are the results the students enjoyed the project and we have received many comments on its design and the math connections
Thanks for your site and the efforts you share with all of us
Betti Tobiasze
Numeracy Coach
Kickemuit Middle School



Oh this is great, I  will have a look at your homepage.
All the best for your project and much success.
Emmerich Boxhofer

Keep up the good work! I have updated the link.
Best Wishes,
Frank Ruskey

It was a great delight to discover your site, its rich content displaying such great versatility.
I will certainly place a link for you on my website.
With my very best wishes for your future success
William Van Duyn

Great site, everybody associated with it deserves a prize!
So impressed that if you don't mind I'll put a link from ours,to help spread the word.
Roger Mustoe
Gemani Games & Puzzles

Thanks to the opportunity to give credits to the very nice belgian site on pentominos.
I've composed my '03 wishes for all my friends with their (modified) alphabet.
You can let children play with jigsaw puzzles and try to solve them with less color than I.

Alain Zalmanski

You have a great webpage, it looks like youve put alot of work into it!
Brad Jansen

Very nice site. Pentominoes unleash the creative ability in all of us, whatever age or educational background.
Dr.Ephraim Fithian

I've visited your web page and it is very nice indeed.
Good luck with your work and in making new insights in pentomino.
Predrag Janicic
P.S. I like your T-shirts! :)

I'm too busy to be able to work on your wonderful challenges regularly. But you have my complete support in the great fun you offer to the whole world.
Happy puzzling,
Kate Jones -USA

I will add a hyperlink to your funny site when update.
Happy Puzzling!!
Wen-Shan Kao-Taiwan
He did it!

I just checked out your site and was very impressed.
Please congratulate your students on designing a really fantastic website.
Lloyd King, Sterling
author of Puzzles for the High IQ

It's a really nice pentomino-site you've made. I'm very impressed

Jane Moeller Hansen, Denmark

I just came to your pentominoes site and also had a look at the present competition - and I immediately decided to take part in it :-)
Your site is very nice, congratulations to it.
Zoltan Nemeth,Budapest,Hungary

I visited your web site and it is very good.
I'm going to try your competition
James Brown, Australia

Thank you for telling me about your great Pentomino web site. I looked
at is and I like it very much!
Jerry Slocum, USA

Thank you for your e-mail and invitation to your website. It is well
produced, so may I offer my congratulations to you; I enjoyed your use of
colour, graphics and background tiling
There has clearly been a lot of effort put in by quite a few people over a lot of time.
MOST enjoyable, as were the pictures too - thank you for them.
Puzzlingly & magically yours,
Laurie Brokenshire, UK

I was happy to receive your e-mail and I enjoyed visiting your website.
I thought the Excel file allowing one to play with pentominoes on one's computer was a very good idea
and I have downloaded it to keep.
Pwee Keng Ho, Republic of Singapore

Your competition is very interesting - have you calculated the largest possible enclosure?
Richard Feltham, New Zealand

I took a look; it's an interesting challenge you have
Russ Perry Jr, USA

I am enjoying your web-site, and have already forwarded it on to my friends.
Tim Botham, Canada

It does not seem to work with PIMS's version of Netscape, but it does work with Internet Explorer.
I'll look at it when I have time. If the editors of our magazine want to use any of it, they'll get in touch with you, of course.
It does look very nice. Congratulations.
Klaus Hoechsmann,Education Facilitator
Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences

Nice little site
Tom Jolly, USA

Thanks for the intriguing puzzle.

I just visited your page,
well done!
Lars Kindermann, Germany

We've looked at your Website. It is very interesting. You have done a
nice job.
Elliott Avedon, Canada

Thanks for the invitation and the links to your wonderful website. I keep thinking that one of these days I'll have time for recreational math. I've bookmarked your pages and hope to interest my grandchildren in getting involved when they're a little older.
Do keep up your good work, and keep having fun with it.
Charles Wright

Thanks for letting me know about your website.
It looks wonderful. I enjoyed playing with
your challenge problem, which I had seen but
never thought about before.
Greg Frederickson, USA

Good luck with your site. Looks very nice!
David Joyner, USA

I have looked around on your Web site, which is very nice. It's nice
that you get comments from all over the world, and I especially like
the little animations that show how the pentominos are constructed
from the tetraminos.
Professor David J. Eck Geneva, New York

I love your web site.
I got interested in pentominoes from my brother. He is very good. He has a book of 6 x 10 solutions.
He also has correlated each piece with the zodiac signs and this really intrigues me.I would love to see that puzzle. And see if we agree on which piece is which. This is a lot of fun. There is more meaning to pentominoes than just math.
Thank you for your website.
Dannette Speck

Hi there,
I just got back from visiting your site Pentomino and
thought it was great! So...Congratulations!!!! You have been selected to receive the "Jewel of the Week Award" award for outstanding excellence in your web page design.
Good luck and continued success with your wonderful site!
Patrick Michielsen

Thank you for sharing with us your site.
Edmundo Veiga- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

You have developed an attractive website
I have added a link to your site from the "Association of Game & Puzzle Collectors" website.
The association has a significant number of puzzle collectors
Bob Finn

I have had a look and it looks good, nice and clear. Liked your competition. Do you have previous competitions on your site? - this would be great for people just finding your site.
Will add a link from my site to yours if ok.

Nice puzzle ideas and your site is looking great

Frank Potts