This website stems from a pentomino project which was started in the former T.I.D. Ronse, Belgium (now K.S.O. Glorieux Ronse) in 1999.
The project has mainly been developed by secondary school pupils from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years in their Maths and Technological Education lessons and in their leisure.

Our website is still growing thanks to
the students of KSO Glorieux Ronse (Belgium)

 Previous webmasters  

Maarten Wemel
School year 2004-2005: student 3rd year Electriciteit-Electronica
Age: 14
School: K.S.O. Glorieux Ronse (Belgium)

Wouter Wemel

Casper Verbuyst

Brechtel Wancour

We want to thank specially the director who helped and supported us from the beginning
Eddy Moreau

Our pentominoes gave us new friends who had helped us much:

Aad van de Wetering (Holland)
AAd van de Wetering

Livio Zucca (Italy)
Livio Zucca

Roel Huisman (Portugal)

Pieter Torbijn († Holland)

Helmut Postl(Austria)

Greg Frederickson (USA)
Greg Frederickson

Pillow (Italy)
pillow.gif (2966 bytes)

Jürgen Köller (Germany)



Edo Timmermans (Holland)

Aad Thoen (Holland)